Judy Perry has been living in and painting the picturesque artist community of Bisbee, Arizona and its environs since her arrival in 1976.

Her unique style makes her one of the most popular artists in the Southwest.


Judy Perry has been painting pictures of Bisbee since she arrived in 1976. She began
to paint in 1971 as a hobby while working as a recreation leader in Columbus, Ohio.
Her early paintings were totally abstract as she played and experimented with the
paint and different techniques. A year later, attracted to the simple shape of the
house, she began to paint brightly colored imaginary houses. These paintings were
very primitive and with the house as the focus, she began to add sidewalks, lawns,
flowers, and eventually people. She always got caught up with the tiny details down
to portraying the veins on each leaf.

By the time she moved to Bisbee, Judy was thinking of becoming an artist. After
working on two paintings of local views for six months, she began to paint small imaginary Bisbee scenes which sold at local galleries for $25 to $50. She began to
get requests for specific buildings and houses which she would slowly try to paint. “Eventually I learned about perspective, shading, and shadows and now have gotten
to the point where I can paint anything.”

Judy’s primitive and sincere style evokes the work of Grant Wood or Alice Neel. She
has the same uncanny ability to make everyday life seem at the same time, both ordinary and extraordinary. As her reputation and fame have grown, commissions
have become her primary focus. Whether she’s painting a family portrait, someone’s home or a landscape, her vision is unforgettable.

Judy’s playful and colorful postcards, prints and cards of Bisbee are on sale at “The
Singletree”, 18 Main St. in Bisbee. Click Judy’s Contact link to contact Judy for an
appointment to either see her originals or to commission a work of art.